Recently, Dick’s Sporting Goods launched this new spot as part of their “Gifts That Matter” campaign for the holiday season. The one minute video, entitled “The Hoop,” is about a young girl, her dad and the gift that keeps on giving… a basketball hoop. It’s a lovely spot that tugs on the heartstrings, and we applaud the brand for using a girl to tell their story.

About that girl… we wonder if the spot was inspired by the recent “mistake” Dick’s made of failing to include female athletes in its 2014 basketball catalog. Back in October, 12-year-old McKenna Peterson blasted the sporting goods giant for their big time fail.

“I think that girls should be treated as equally as boys are treated.”

“I think that girls should be treated as equally as boys are treated. I, myself, enjoying playing and watching basketball, WOMENS basketball,” McKenna wrote. “Maybe my dad will take me to some other store that supports girls to actually PLAY basketball and follow their dreams, and not sit on the sidelines and watch the game, to get my next pair of shoes and equipment.” Ouch!

McKenna’s letter went viral and Dick’s CEO responded and offered an apology. And now? Well, it seems the company is trying to make good on their promise to include more female athletes in their marketing.

We don’t know what McKenna’s thoughts are on the commercial (stay tuned for an update on that), but we’d like to think she had something to do with this! So, thank you McKenna, for raising your voice and effecting change.

The ad has been airing on ESPN, HGTV and A&E networks. According to the company’s press release, basketball hoops will be donated to organizations in need this holiday season, supporting the company’s goal of “uniting communities through sports.”