After we contributed to a fundraising poetry drive in July 2014, a poem was written for us by 15-year-old Addissyn, a participant in WriteGirl, an innovative Los Angeles-based writing and mentoring organization that matches girls with women writers to promote creativity, self-expression, and leadership skills to empower girls. This is her “pretty faces” and we’re so honored to, once again, spotlight the power of a girl and her pen.

pretty faces
by Addissyn, age 15

thats not all we are

we are a new kind of


empowering an entire race

from the ground up

we do far more than he ever has done

women are a certain birth

of superheroes

oppressed and neglected


we don’t ever stop going


mothers – daughters – sisters


doctors – lawyers – writers – store owners

we are more than this world

gives us credit for

while we work

we feed our children

take them to soccer

go on dates

get married

have a drink

go to a concert


women do not fill

one shape

we are thousands of bodies

building a better life

than any man could muster

finding ways to be happy

by making others happy too

we are the

roots branches and leaves

of the same tree

pretty block letters

carved into us like lies and truths

a smile even when the day sucks

we blow in the wind

encouraging a breeze

whispering tales of untold dreams

bathing our babies

and kissing our lovers


we are a kind of

superhero race

we don’t wear capes

or a flashy sign

we don’t need fancy shoes

to walk through life

or perfect hair

or girly clothes

hair gets wind blown

clothes are supposed to comfort

nails get chipped


we are still beautiful

still living life to the maximum capacity

feeding our children

bathing them

kissing our lovers

having a drink


we are a race of


we’re going to shape

the future

we are more than just


pretty faces