They are the strong and influential women whose personas and lives have all been immortalized in the pages of comic books. But, unlike Wonder Woman, these real life “heroines” are not depicted in capes, spandex and invisible airplanes. Rather, the writers and artists at Bluewater Productions, the creators of the wildly popular, monthly, biographical comic book series Female Force, capture the true to life essence of these women in graphic color and use the real facts of their history making and shaping lives to tell their stories, comic book style. Call it education with entertainment value.

The unauthorized bio series was first announced during the 2008 presidential election with its release of Female Force: Hillary Clinton. The comic book was created as an educational tool, a way for people to learn about the candidates and inspire them to vote on more than just emotion.

Female Force Arianna HuffingtonSince then, Female Force has become a monthly series that has featured a host of well-known women in entertainment, publishing, media and politics like Martha Stewart, Sarah Palin, Caroline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Condoleezza Rice and Ruth Handler – the creator of Barbie. Noteworthy additions joining the Female Force series this fall are publishing giant – Arianna Huffington, Emmy Award winner – Tina Fey and rock legend – Joan Jett. Although none of the Female Force women possess “super powers” in the same sense that many of our favorite, fictional cartoon heroines do, they have all been instrumental in shaping our history and culture. So, while they are still mere mortals, the influence these women have and have had on the world can certainly be deemed as somewhat super human.

According to Darren Davis, President of Bluewater Productions, they try to tell an unbiased, balanced story in an accurate and entertaining way while maintaining respect for the women they chose. However, remaining true to comic book form, the series has also received some criticism for its mocking and dismissive tone, exploitative nature and in some cases, unflattering artistic depictions of the women featured. Not quite the picture of perfection usually reserved for fictional superheroes. But, then again, real life is never as pretty as fiction often makes it out to be, so we like it when art imitates us as true to imperfect form as possible.

It is also important to note that the purpose of the Female Force series is to show the accomplishments and influence of women in society and comics of strong female leaders and influencers certainly can make the stories of these women more accessible to people suffering from information overload, compliments of what has become our enormous media landscape.

Upcoming Female Force CollectionsUp next in the series are two collected volumes dedicated to one group of women controlling the fate of millions and another group of women who make millions laugh… Female Force: Women of Politics Volume 2 and Female Force: the Women of Comedy.

Female Force: Women of Politics 2 will be available in October and features the lives of Sonia Sotomayor, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi and a new look at the life of First Lady Michelle Obama. The single Female Force issues of the each of these powerful and inspirational leaders all sold out in days after being released.

Female Force: Women of Comedy, due out in January 2012, will feature the collected issues of Betty White, Kathy Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres, women who have all turned personal obstacles and tragedies into humor.

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