“More than 1 million women in this country will graduate from college this year. They will enter the workforce with higher GPA’s than their male peers. Many will continue on to earn advanced degrees. They will make up the majority of the workforce.”

This is the message from the new, call-to-action campaign If U Weren’t Afraid, recently launched by Sheryl Sandberg as the next phase of community development for the Lean In initiative, her national movement to inspire and support women to help them achieve their goals.

Studies show that by the time women graduate from college, they are less ambitious than their male peers. They avoid leadership roles and are afraid to speak up. The If U Weren’t Afraid campaign encourages women to ask themselves, “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?”

For many of us, the challenge is overcoming our fears. Being fearful stops us from dreaming and from reaching our goals. As women, we need to own our success; we need to believe in ourselves. Sheryl Sandberg says, “Don’t let yourself off the hook by deciding that something is out of your reach, instead, ask yourself, ‘What would I do if I weren’t afraid?’”

Our fearless founders did it, and we’re now into our second year at Women You Should Know!

Join the movement, take a photo and submit your story to ifuwerentafraid.tumblr.com.