How often have you stepped into a taxi and a woman was driving the car? Most likely, not too often, no matter what city you live in. Even with New York City’s dense population, it is still a rare sighting. Of the 46,000 taxi sedans, vans and S.U.V.’s on the streets of New York, only about 170 of them are driven by women, a percentage even lower than the national average. Photographer, videographer, documentary filmmaker, and video production youth educator, Diana Diroy went on a mission to find them.

“I went from one taxi garage to the next, the only woman in a sea of men, and the drivers would look at me like I was crazy. For weeks I had no luck. Then one evening, a good friend of mine hailed a cab—and there was Shonna Valeska behind the wheel,” says Diana.  After connecting with Shonna and subsequently meeting another female driver, Elena Tenchikova, Diroy created this incredible, captivating mini-documentary:

This project was in conjunction with the launch of Narratively, a new online publication dedicated to telling New York’s great human interest stories.