For the past 20 years, Rachel Ruiz has worked as a TV writer and producer. But after spending 2012 working for President Barack Obama and consequently fielding questions about her intriguing work from her then 3-year-old daughter, Rachel was inspired to write her first children’s book. An adventure in imagination, this is… When Penny Met POTUS.

Did you have lunch with POTUS today? Is he allergic to peanut butter? Does he like to wear red socks? Five years ago, after putting in long days working on President Obama’s re-election campaign, Rachel could look forward to being greeted by her inquisitive 3-year-old daughter with all sorts of questions about her boss. So when the toddler finally met POTUS at a campaign rally, imagination and expectations collided with reality and the idea for Rachel’s book was born.

Written by Rachel Ruiz and illustrated by Melissa Manwill, this is what you should know about When Penny Met POTUS

A smartly written, beautifully illustrated picture book about a young girl whose mother works for a boss named POTUS. POTUS? Just who or — WHAT — is a POTUS? Penny is on a mission to find out! She imagines all the fun things she and POTUS will do together when they meet -like have a tea party in the China Room and do important work in the Oval Office. When she goes to work with her mother one day – at a big White House – Penny sneaks off on her own through the historic corridors to find POTUS. Along the way, she chats up the White House butler and Rose Garden gardener. Will she find POTUS? And will he live up to her great expectations? Heartwarming and empowering at the same time, this book will teach our kids no dream is too big to dream!

If you’re excited about this, then you will be really excited to know that Rachel is already writing six more children’s books, which will be out this Fall.