Superhero-crazy Anya and Stella Marcotte just saw Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel’s latest comic book adaptation blockbuster. They loved the movie, along with its sole female heroine… Gamora. So this past weekend, off the girls went to their local Target store to pick up a Gamora action figure to add to their collection.

What happened next is a perfect example of what girls run into when they try to buy action figures at a typical toy store. Watch…


This video was shot by WYSK Contributor John Marcotte – feminist dad, web designer, writer, comics junkie, and “Award-Winning Author – and co-edited with his awesome wife Patti. This was their first video ever.

In regard to their outing to Target with their daughters, John commented, “The only female action figure we were able to find in the entire aisle was Wonder Woman, and she was only available as part of a seven-hero set that cost $50. So in order to get one Wonder Woman, the girls would have to buy six heroes they didn’t want and pay $50 for the privilege. That was a non-starter.”

He added, “I’m enough of a nerd that I know where to go to get female superhero figures, but they are generally designed for the adult male collector market. They are often inappropriately attired and always more expensive than the lines that are developed to be played with by children.”

Anya and Stella as Huntress and Power Girl

Tom Bancroft, the lead animator from Pocohantas and Mulan, saw Anya and Stella’s Huntress/Power Girl photo online and thought they were cute. He drew them as Disney girls and sent them his original drawing.