We know there are fantastic, incredible, interesting, passionate and inspiring women around every corner, all over the globe. Since Women You Should Know can’t be everywhere or know everyone, we want YOU to tell us about the Women WE Should Know.

Maybe one of your girlfriends reinvented herself to follow her true passion. Maybe you know a tech savvy woman or girl who is using her brain to change the world. Maybe your neighbor is an altruistic dynamo doing good for a local cause. Maybe your sister just wrote a self-published book we should read. Or maybe you are doing something BIG, but are just too darn modest to think you deserve any recognition. Well, we say you do deserve it and we want to tell Your Stories.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be moving a mountain to be doing something of great importance.

So who are the women we should know? Tell us… we’re ready to listen.

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