Wine Market Council, a non-profit association of grape growers, wine producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and other affiliated wine businesses and organizations, released new research on consumer wine consumption habits.  Here are the highlights of their findings, specific to women who drink wine. Women are wine drinkers…

  • Wine is winning with women. Women account for 57% of wine volume in the U.S. (Source: Nielsen Spectra 2015)
  • 51% of females 21-24 say organic or sustainably-produced products are important when making their purchase decision for wine, while 38% of total females (vs 32% of males) say it’s important for wine. (Source: Nielsen survey conducted by Harris Poll, August 2015)
  • 66% of female wine purchases are planned. (Source: Nielsen Bev Al Category Shopping Fundamentals 2014)
  • More women than men are wine drinkers. (Source: WMC ORC Segmentation Survey 2015)
  • Highly involved female wine drinkers are mostly Millennials (and skew toward older Millennial), are more often urban educated professionals, and more ethnically diverse than the typical female wine drinker. (Source: WMC Female Wine Drinker Survey 2015)
  • Female wine drinkers rated “traditional, classic, and sophisticated” labels more intriguing than other types of labels. 46% of respondents rated this type of label the top two ratings on a 7-point scale that ranged from completely uninterested to very intrigued. 26% of women have purchased wines that have been created for and are marketed specifically to women. (Source: WMC Female Wine Drinker Survey 2015)
  • Women are more likely to buy a wine they’ve never tried before based on the label when browsing or based on a recommendation from friends, family, and off- or on-premise staff, rather than seek out a wine they’ve read about. (Source: WMC Female Wine Drinker Survey 2015)