This is a heartbreaking story out of Milwaukee, WI and as soon as we heard about it today, we wanted to help spread the word.

At about 4:20 pm on December 24, 2012, a woman named Sarah Malchow was attacked while out walking her dog, a 4 month old American Pitbull Terrier mix named MacGyver. Sadly, he was taken by Sarah’s assailants. She has since started a Facebook page in an attempt to get MacGyver safely returned to his family. Read her open letter to the criminals who took her beloved puppy.

An open letter to whomever took my puppy MacGyver from me:

My name is Sarah, though you didn’t know that, nor did you care when you interrupted not only my life, but my family’s as well, but I hope my message will reach you.

On Christmas Eve, as I was taking my four month old pit bull mix puppy MacGyver on his evening walk near Buffum and Hadley, you and a friend attacked me. One of you picked me up and threw me to the ground, while the other unclipped MacGyver from his leash. You and your friend ran to a car and drove off.

You didn’t search my pockets – though you wouldn’t have found anything – but you took something that meant more to me than money or credit cards. You took MacGyver. Even though he had only been a part of my and my husband’s life for about two months, we loved him and the three of us had become a family.

My husband and I adopted MacGyver from Wisconsin Humane Society in early November. It was love at first sight for us. For that matter, everyone who meets him falls in love with his wrinkly face, the white socks on his feet, his friendly personality and his soulful eyes.

MacGyver was taking puppy obedience classes at the Wisconsin Humane society – in fact, he was going to graduate the day after Christmas. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake and give high-fives. He was very close to being completely house-trained.

MacGyver PosterIn the two months we had MacGyver, we took him everywhere. He went to work with my husband and was becoming friends with his boss’ dog. He loved going to the dog park and taking long walks down the bike trails. We visited the Estabrook Beer Garden before it closed for the season and he came with us on a road trip to Indiana to visit my husband’s family.

MacGyver loved snuggling with us on the couch when we watched TV and we let him sleep with us in bed at night. Letting him sleep in bed is probably a sign that we spoil him, but we couldn’t help it. MacGyver was turning into a very good dog.

We were so excited to celebrate Christmas with MacGyver. In fact, we’d bought him several treats and toys as gifts. My family was excited to meet him; they even bought him a few Christmas gifts. The toys and treats are all wrapped and waiting for him when he gets back to us.

What happened in less than one minute changed my and my husband’s life forever. Our house is empty and quiet. No more walks, which was something I absolutely loved to do. No more play time. No more snuggling on the couch. We miss MacGyver’s excitement when we would walk through the front door, whether we’d be coming home from work or had only been gone a short time on an errand. He was always happy to see his “mom” and “dad.” He loved us unconditionally and we loved him in return.

I haven’t been able to sleep because I am so worried about my little furry friend. What happened on Christmas Eve looms in the back of my mind night and day. I have a sick feeling pit of my stomach and an ache in my heart.

I am not sure why you did what you did. People have asked whether we were targeted because of MacGyver’s breed – whether you wanted him for fighting or breeding (he’s neutered, by the way), or if there was some other reason.

The reason why you took MacGyver doesn’t matter to me any more. I forgive you for throwing me to the ground and taking MacGyver. However, I beg you to do the right thing and give MacGyver back to us.

Please know, that the attack happened so quickly and I cannot identify you. I have no idea what your faces look like or the kind of car you drove.

What this means is that you can return MacGyver to us and claim the very generous reward, no questions asked. You can say you found him running around in the street – we will never know. All we want is to have him home, safe and unharmed.You can call or text us at 414-617-9137 any time. You can call the Milwaukee Police Department. You can drop him off at the Wisconsin Humane Society or MADACC.

If you’re reading this and you know where MacGyver might be or have seen him, please contact us. We’re offering a generous reward for tips that lead to MacGyver’s safe return. You can call or text us at 414-617-9137 with any tips you might have at any time.

Until we have MacGyver back in our arms, we aren’t giving up hope. We’re doing everything we can to spread the word. We’ve had complete strangers who have heard our story reach out and offer to contribute to the reward fund, put up posters, contact radio stations or just be on the lookout for MacGyver. Strangers have offered prayers, kind words, advice and moral support – whatever they could think of to help reunite me and my husband with our puppy. They want to see him back where he belongs as much as we do. My husband and I are so grateful to everyone who is helping.

I know there must be some goodness in your heart. Please, give MacGyver back to us. We love him and we miss him very much and won’t give up hope that one day very soon, he’ll be able to open all of those Christmas presents that are waiting for him.

Sincerely, Sarah Malchow

To find out more information or if you want to help, visit Sarah’s Facebook page.