Our thumbs are ACHING just thinking about this. In only four short months, Georgina Campbell, a south London based British woman and mom of three, managed to “write” an entire book – all 55,600 words of it – on her Blackberry’s memopad app. Her 200 page, smartphone crafted manuscript ultimately landed Georgina a publishing deal for what is now the first-time author’s debut novel, The Kickdown Girls.

As for the story behind the story, Georgina’s new found literary success was the result of a bet she and her 14-year old daughter made after watching a movie together.

Mum and daughter each had a very different opinion of the movie: her daughter thought it was “brilliant”; Georgina thought it was “rubbish”, claiming she could write a better script. Rather than take the easy route and agree to disagree, they challenged each other to write something.

We’re not sure if her daughter completed the task, but Georgina most certainly did and this is the premise of her story turned published novel. “There was a group of friends, Leona, Shelly, Maggie, Sonia and me, Jennie. We were all good girls and had big plans for ourselves. And Kriss, he’s hot but he’s older and he’s Claire’s brother, so Jennie can’t go there, no way. Then one of the group winds up stabbed and Jennie and her friends are out to sort the asshole who did it, whatever it takes. What with that and some family stuff Jennie does a little growing up, and who’s gonna help her do that better than the gorgeous Kriss.” The publisher describes The Kickdown Girls as “a story for today, for the streetwise girl who knows what she’s worth and who ain’t worth her time.”

Hhhhmmm… certainly not a story for everyone, but we applaud Georgina for her inventiveness, determination and enviable dexterity.

The Kick Down GirlsSetting out to write a novel is a task most people would never attempt, let alone on a Blackberry. Hands down, we’d opt for a real keyboard and full size screen, even resorting to old school pen and paper before reaching for a smartphone. But Georgina, who currently works as a chef at the U.S. Embassy in London, said she decided to ink her novel on her Blackberry “because it was something I had with me all the time and could easily just take out and start typing anywhere.”

We just hope she asked for a personal hand masseuse as part of her publishing deal.

The Kickdown Girls was recently published in mid-September and is now available in the U.S. on Amazon.com. While there are no reviews from US customers yet, “Avid Reader”, who commented on the book on the UK edition of Amazon.com, offered a less than glowing or kind assessment of Georgina’s first effort. “Dreadful” is the title of his or her customer review. Well, we guess Georgina will learn rather quickly that you can’t please everyone all the time.

Not sure we’ll be putting this book on our “must read” list, but we think it’s very cool that Georgina Campbell set out to accomplish something pretty incredible and succeeded. Who knows… maybe with a little more practice and polish, she’ll become the J.K. Rowling of the smartphone-written-novel genre.