If anyone is still under the erroneous (and insane) assumption that women and girls don’t like superheroes or comics, then maybe this will satisfy the naysayers, once and for all. Heroic Girls Founder John Marcotte and his superhero loving daughters Anya (aka Big Barda) and Stella (aka Black Canary) swooped in to WonderCon Anaheim 2015 over the weekend, and brought with them the Women You Should Know hashtag campaign we launched two weeks ago – #PoseLikeASuperhero – that has since taken off all over social media.

On special assignment for us, their WYSKy mission was to visually capture women and girls of all ages channeling their inner superheroes and showing them off outwardly in the most awesome ways. This is just a small sampling of who they met at WonderCon, and every one of these mighty crusaders knows how to #PoseLikeASuperhero. Mission accomplished!


Big Barda, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman and Black Canary

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