With the U.S. midterm election just days away, Vice has launched She’s Running, a four-part series that follows four, first-time women candidates running for office.

Whether they’re greeting constituents at a train station, going to a tattoo parlor, or milking cows at a county fair, Deidre DeJear, Anna Eskamani, Pearl Kim, and Morgan Zegers are working hard to win over voters. In the series we learn more about the women, their positions on the current administration and the “unique reasons they are for running.”

If elected, each of these women could make political history:

Democrat Deidre DeJear, who’s running for Iowa secretary of state, could be the first African-American to be elected statewide in Iowa.

Democrat Anna Eskamani could be the first Iranian-American elected to the Florida Legislature.

Republican Pearl Kim could become the first Korean-American woman in Congress, if she wins her race for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.

Republican Morgan Zegers could become the youngest-ever member of the New York state Assembly.

Watch episode 2, and future episodes here. To learn more about who’s running in your area, check out Ballotpedia.