In this episode of Sally Hubbard’s Women Killing It! podcast, Jennefer Witter, author of The Little Book of Big PR and CEO and Founder of boutique PR firm The Boreland Group, shares her inspiring career path and her formula for success.

“When I was in college, being an entrepreneur never occurred to me. I would say to women, don’t be so rigid. Life is not a concrete stone. Allow things to come to you and see where they lead you…”

On this episode of Women Killing It!, Jennefer offers the pearls of wisdom she’s learned along her journey. Confidence and a can-do attitude is critical to success in her view, and she encourages women to walk into a room like they own it — faking confidence if need be. Jennefer’s interview will encourage you to “go forth and conquer” and support other women as you do.

“Sometimes the road is filled with crooked turns. Be amenable to the bend in your road and make sure you’re open to following it… Keep moving forward.”

Wise advice Jennefer shares on this Women Killing It! podcast episode includes:

  • There will be times when you feel defeated and discouraged. Know you are not alone and know that the best test of your strength is when you get up and move forward.
  • Stop with the sorry! Unless you have burned a building down, don’t apologize. Women have a tendency to over-apologize.
  • You have to speak up for yourself. No one is going to know how great you are until you tell them.

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