According to a survey conducted by ActionAid UK in 2016, 79 percent of women in India have experienced some form of harassment in public. In response, cities are launching all-women patrol groups and police stations to stop the sexual violence and harassment, known as “Eve-teasing.”

This past May, Jaipur hired and trained 52 women and formed their own “Lady Patrolling Unit.” Armed with martial arts, batons, first-aid kits and communication equipment, teams of two policewomen on scooters patrol schools, colleges and other areas of the city where there is a high concentration of women and girls.

In addition to crime prevention, the female officers speak with women and girls, offering them a safe line of communication to talk about harassment. “Victims can be afraid to report sexual crime to a largely male police force,” one of the policewomen say in this video from BBC.

The patrols are already seeing positive effects, and the city hopes to put more squads on the street in the near future. #StopStreetHarassment