There are lots of witty women around and many of them can be found on Twitter, sharing quick one-liners, really random thoughts and chuckle worthy observations. It takes special talent to be clever in 140 characters or less, so that’s why we really enjoy the weekly feature on Huff Post Women that gives a round-up of the “Best Tweets” from women. They scour the Twitter-sphere and highlight the ladies who grab attention, bring the funny or dare to utter the stuff we wouldn’t dream of saying out loud… but really want to. Here are our 10 faves from last week.

@BoobsRadley: I can’t imagine working in a time when you might be the only woman in an office, because who did you ask if 11 was “too soon” too eat lunch? – Julieanne Smolinski

@kristenhowerton: A commercial just told me to tell my husband I’m going to book club and see a male stripper movie instead. Um, I’d rather go to book club. – Kristen Howerton (in reference to the new Magic Mike movie)

@FunnyLaTice: I never see my glass half empty……cuz I’m good friends with the bartender. – LaTice Klapa

@capricecrane: Was there a lot of touching people with 10 foot poles at some point? – Caprice Crane

@katespencer: Maybe the meaning of life is just Claire Danes doing one really awesome TV show every 15 years, and maybe I’m ok with that. – Kate Spencer

@jennyandteets: I love asking my friend’s date questions about his life as if I haven’t spent the past 3 weeks texting him for her. – Jenny Mollen

@jenstatsky: Just passed a dude on the phone saying, “But … but I really want to have sex with you tonight.” All the good ones really ARE taken! – Jen Statsky

@lenadunham: Who is in touch with Weird Al to ask him why he never recorded “Your Body Is A Garbage Can”? Whose oversight is this? – Lena Dunham

@jenniferweiner: I love you. Just not enough to want to hear about your cleanse. – Jennifer Weiner

@DJRotaryRachel: “Seriously, is that what I look like?” – robot watching a guy ‘doing the robot’ – Rachel Lichtman