In this week’s episode of our Women In Science Puppet Theater video series (click image above to watch), kids get to know cosmetic chemist, Hazel Bishop (1906-1998), the woman who invented the first mass-marketable indelible lipstick and founded a multimillion-dollar business on it. This new Women You Should Know series, which premiered last week with the story of G.O.A.T. Astronomer Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (1900-1979), takes select stories from our weekly Women In Science (WIS) column and transforms them into superfun video shorts for young learners.

Written and performed, puppet theater style, by our brilliant WIS columnist, Dale Debakcsy, and his daughters, Anna-Sophia and Arabella, each Women In Science Puppet Theater video short is a fusion of education and entertainment.

Episode 2 Spoiler Alert: “Either because they harness science in the name of practical aesthetics, or because their expertise lies in a field whose products are considered feminine and thus fundamentally lesser than those of other industries, the practitioners of cosmetic chemistry have been historically overlooked and too often forgotten. There is one person, however, whose name remains in our memory in spite of all that… Hazel Bishop.” If the video short above leaves you wanting to know more about her, read Dale’s Women In Science column feature on Hazel Bishop.

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