Over the 365 days of 2018, we had the privilege to get to know hundreds of extraordinary women and tell their stories. Among this esteemed group, there were 10 individuals who supercharged our year with inspiration and insight through their words and actions. 

In case you missed their stories, now’s your chance to catch up and meet them…

Erin Sullivan, Trailblazing Electrician

Erin Sullivan sexual harassment

“Some days the men I work with amaze me. It was just about time for coffee when the Matt Lauer story broke. So one of the guys says, ‘Why now? Why are all these women coming out now?'” This is how Erin Sullivan, a shop steward in Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3, responded, which ignited what she describes as a “heartfelt, tough” conversation. Read her words

Sadhna Sheli, Children’s Book Author

Sadhna Sheli Firehouse 1

Although writing has always been a part of her life, Sadhna Sheli never pictured herself as a children’s book author. She ended up on this unexpected, yet purpose-filled path when her oldest son became drawn to anything and everything firefighter related. But in all the books they read together “there was hardly ever a female character, and if there was she was simply a ‘sidekick’.” Sadhna set out to change this. Read how

Lauren Foundos, Trader-Turned-Disruptor

Lauren Foundos fitness

Lauren Foundos spent a decade working on Wall Street institutionally trading US Treasury Bonds. It was a high stakes, high stress job that she excelled at. But as her hours became more demanding, her ability to fit a morning workout into her day became increasingly difficult. That was a problem for Lauren, a lifelong athlete, and two-time, all-American field hockey player, who has always relied on working out to stay focused and grounded. She came up with a solution that is revolutionizing the fitness industry. Read Lauren’s story

Michelle Hands, Builder

Pregnant Construction Worker

At 8 months pregnant and a week before she was due to finish work, Michelle Hands, a construction site Engineer based in Leeds in the UK, “decided to take a picture of my bump whilst dressed in my construction work attire, for memories’ sake.” At the time she knew it wasn’t going to be “a typical ‘bump picture’,” but had no idea that it would make national news headlines either. Read Michelle’s story in her words

Eniola Brown, Determined Firefighter

firefighter Eniola Brown

“I remember reporting in for my physical exam and a woman said to me, ‘You shouldn’t be here, leave the firefighting to the boys.’ I thought to myself, sorry not sorry, boo, I don’t agree, and… I didn’t ask for your opinion.” In this powerful, first-person piece, FDNY firefighter Eniola Brown shares her story of perseverance, powering through, and ignoring the naysayers on a mission to achieve her dreams… just 6 weeks after having a baby. Read Eniola’s story in her words

Kati Hornung, ERA Ratification Champion

Equal Rights Amendment Kati Hornung

On May 30, 2018, Illinois became the 37th state to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment. We now only need one more state to ratify the ERA for it to be adopted into the U.S. Constitution. Meet Kati Hornung, the woman who is leading the charge to ensure her state of Virginia ushers in this landmark change, making women’s equality law nationwide. Read Kati’s story in her words

Annie Govekar, “Badass” Artist

Annie Govekar

On Inauguration Day 2017, Annie Govekar, a self-taught artist and photographer, was looking for a way to counter the “defeat and uncertainty” she was seeing all around her. She found a powerful antidote in her art by drawing “a portrait of a badass woman every day for an entire year.” Now well past her original 365 day timeline, Annie’s “Nevertheless Project” has evolved into what she calls the “Badass Woman Art Project”. Read Annie’s story, see her art

Susie Coston, Hero For Animals

Susie Coston

In this powerful, 4-minute film directed by Kelly Guerin for the Unbound Project, we have the incredible opportunity to meet Susie Coston, a true hero for animals, and see her in action. Watch her story

Pamela Delgado, Rawly Bold Founder

Pamela Delgado

Pamela Delgado, founder of Rawly Bold, shared her thoughts on unity, sisterhood, and the positivity-focused, ethical fashion brand she’s created to inspire, motivate and empower every woman. Read Pamela’s story, in her words

Jordan Ashley, Yoga Activist

yoga Rwanda

“‘Place a hand to your heart and a hand to your belly,’ I say to a room of strangers – a hundred women who had witnessed the massacre of husbands, children, siblings and friends in the 1994 Rwandan genocide… I don’t know their stories, and they didn’t know mine, but what I do know is that we all carry inside pain and loss.” A powerfully moving piece by Jordan Ashley, founder of the nonprofit, Souljourn Yoga. Read her story in her words