By Alessandra Rizzotti – Loving your body is not always easy. As a child model and actor, I was always aware of my body and was told on several occasions during photo shoots, at age five, that I had to lose weight. I’m not as phased by my body issues now, but like a lot of women, I’m always aware of what I’m eating, how much I’m exercising, and where my fat likes to settle. I’d like to look at myself in a different way, and sometimes that takes getting an outsider’s perspective. When I met Amber Krzys, she had the answer. bodyheart: “a campaign to liberate women from their body-punishment prison”.

AmberBodyHeartAmber Krzys faced her own body issues as a dancer and actress in Broadway, TV, and film, trying so hard to fit into a specific mold that wasn’t making her happy. It was not until she was in the process of receiving her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica, that Amber broke free of her negative self-image and formed a bodyheart workshop for women to collectively talk about what they loved about their bodies, versus what they felt they had to change.

A multi-faceted campaign that at first reached out to women, but is now also guiding men, started as an inspirational photo shoot and has now grown into a therapeutic program with one-on-one coaching, bootcamp, live events, and helpful video blogs about exercising, eating, and healthy dieting.

To learn more about Amber and the bodyheart campaign, click here.

This story is part of the series “Women Working To Do Good“, a collaboration with the White House and Hello Giggles in an effort to bring more strong female role models to the forefront, and is republished here with permission.

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Alessandra head shotAlessandra Rizzotti is a Community Manager and Editor at, a social network of entrepreneurs, designers, and creative interventionists who are striving to live well and do good. With the “Push for Good” series she created, GOOD’s guide to crowdsourcing creative progress, Alessandra has helped many social entrepreneurs and innovators tell their stories and connect to others in the impact space.

She has written for’s “Wildlife” column, and has also designed pitch packets for films in development, two of which have been sold (“Love by Proxy” to ABC Family and “Camp Rules” to Paramount). Alessandra has been published in three Harper Perennial books and has been featured on the online platforms for Smith and Heeb.

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