Over the last 364 days, we have had the great privilege of telling the stories of countless everyday women and girls doing the extraordinary; stories that inspired and wowed; stories that enlightened and entertained; stories that provoked conversation, debate, and even some controversy.

But it was a photographer, an acid attack survivor, a 6-year-old surfer, a mom/body image advocate, and the little girl from the 1981 LEGO ad that got the most people reading, talking, and sharing.

Here are WYSK’s 5 most-read stories of 2014…

5. The Isis Project: A Portrait Series Of Girls Emulating Iconic Women

Obama_isis-2014 recap

“Girls deserve better from society. They deserve to feel good about themselves, and not to only be rewarded by showing some skin or being ‘pretty.’ We should be praised for our talent, intelligence, skills, heart and strengths. That’s the message we hope to spread with our project.” – Project co-founder, photographer Kat Carey

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4. These Acid Attack Survivors Are No Longer Hiding

acid_attacks_2014 recap

Six years ago, Rupa, now 22, was the victim of an acid attack at the hands of her own stepmother. The young woman, who has since dropped her last name after disowning her father for supporting her stepmother, has teamed up with the non-profit organization Stop Acid Attacks to fight for justice for herself and other survivors of this heinous crime.

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3. This 6 Year Old Surfer Is Making Big Waves

surfer girl_2014 recap

It just doesn’t make sense to me, how she’s able to do what she does. I’m amazed by it.”

Quincy Symonds is not only making waves for her surfing and skateboarding skills, but also for her courage while coping with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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2. BMI Charts Put This Woman Into The Overweight Category… And She Has Something To Say About It

Amber_rogers_2014 recap

“Our worth as women (and men) is not determined by our weight, or our clothing size, or any other arbitrary number assigned to us. Not even how much we can deadlift.”

In a powerful, first-person piece, Amber Rogers tells us why it’s time for a new paradigm.

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And the most-read story of 2014 is…


1. The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She’s Got Something to Say

lego-meme-2014 recap

“Children haven’t changed, but adults who market to them have… What do we have to lose, besides stereotypes?”

In a Women You Should Know exclusive, educational psychologist Lori Day speaks with Rachel Giordano, now 37 years old, and a naturopathic doctor, about her iconic ad.

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