“In college, women’s hockey players are reporting concussions at a higher rate than male hockey players. In fact, female hockey players are reporting a higher concussion rate than nearly all sports sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).”

Surprised? We are!

According to this video from VOX, there are many factors that experts believe play into this trend, some of which include gender bias, stereotypes, reporting bias, style of play, hormones, neck strength and other physical differences. But the scientific evidence isn’t conclusive.

“You don’t show how tough you are by playing through concussion symptoms.”- Josephine Pucci

In an attempt give us a deeper understanding of the significance these factors have on concussion, retired U.S. Women’s Hockey player and Olympic medalist Josephine Pucci, and University of North Carolina researcher Zachary Kerr, give us a play-by-play.