A self-described “trusted friend” to the over 5,000,000 women who read it, Redbook seems to have traveled back to 1903, the year in which the iconic women’s magazine was first published. In a bizarre attempt at humor, they posted this video clip to their Facebook page of the Little Rascals’ Spanky throwing money out a window, overlaid with an overtly-genderized caption that makes a crack about the apparent economic waste of raising girls… girls who will grow up to potentially be their money-spending readers, by the way. Social media, to the tune of over 16,000 comments and counting, reacted.

Comments on the Redbook Facebook page run the gamut from those calling out the magazine for “sexism”, to others who applaud the “joke”. They were also heavily peppered by the ramblings of trolls who spewed their typical hatred, resorting to childish name calling (e.g. “snowflake”) directed at anyone who took issue with the “Byeee money” message that was being delivered under the auspices of jocularity.

“If you raise your daughters treating them like an economic liability because they are girls and not boys…I hope they grow up to make seven figures and send your dumb ass to the cheapest nursing home.” – Facebook user, Elizabeth Gardner

redbook meme controversy

It’s important to also note that their post includes a link to an advice-based Redbook article that’s focused on “things no one tells you about parenting a baby girl”. What’s curiously not covered in that piece is how much it costs to raise a girl, making Redbook’s choice to use this meme as its story lead-in even more confusing.

While we really do love humor (it gets us through the day), there are some things that are just not funny. #NotBuyingIt Redbook.