“So did you hear the one about the Disney Princess and the iconic female super-hero?” And so starts The Hero Business blog post by creative freelancer and artist Bill Walko, about this awesome comic he dreamed up.

In January 2012, Bill, who has been drawing since he was five years old, was among ten artists drawing weekly pieces for Comic Book Resources, while trying out to become a new member of the site’s The Line it is Drawn artist roster.

In coming up with the piece at hand he explained, “The Twitter suggestion was ‘Wonder Woman as a Disney Princess,’ which you can take in a number of directions. I knew I wanted to challenge the ‘princess waiting for rescue’ notion, and I knew Diana wouldn’t be that princess. So the concept came pretty easily…”

He released What If Wonder Woman Was A Disney Princess? over two years ago and it went viral. We missed it back then, so we’re hoping to inspire its second, more robust viral life… something Women You Should Know has been known to do… here. Let’s just call it OUR super power!