In a page ripped right from social media reality, issue #20 of the Sensation Comics anthology series featuring Wonder Woman has the Amazonian warrior falling under the hateful scrutiny of internet trolls when an image of her dimpled derrière goes viral. Though she sarcastically brushes it off, does her decision to try “some new looks” show a crack in her own body image armor?

According to Tech Times, specific panels from the comic (see below) “have grown so popular that they’ve had over 100,000 likes and reblogs on Tumblr.” This is largely due to the caption the initial Tumblr-er included: “if you ever feel bad about your body remember that Wonder Woman has cellulite too.” With that, the internet erupted in cheers!

We’re all for celebrating this seemingly empowered moment where Wonder Woman, the epitome of perfection, not only discusses her cellulite, but delivers very relevant social commentary about how sad it is that the appearance of her butt got way more attention than how hard she was working that same butt off to help with the Mexican earthquake relief efforts.

“I love it too, but I’ve been trying some new looks recently. Someone Instagrammed my butt last month…”

However, it’s actually hard to cheer if you pay attention to the line that the story’s writer Alex de Campi has Wonder Woman say right before this in regard to the classic costume she was wearing in the image that went viral… “I love it too, but I’ve been trying some new looks recently.”

Perhaps this is just one interpretation, but we read this to mean that her internet shaming has caused her to rethink her classic outfit… i.e. Wonder Woman caved under the pressure and smoothed out her situation with a pair of superheroic spanx (notice in these panels she’s in full spandex leg-wear… yeah, we know, she’s in space in this story, but still). What a completely UNempowered moment.

Nonetheless, and in another mirror reflection of reality, de Campi does close out these few panels by having Wonder Woman blatantly mock how the level of scrutiny she receives is so very different than that of her male superhero counterparts, making the point that no one would ever ask Superman about his hair.

Have a look for yourself. What do you think?


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