One of our favorite Wonder Woman-themed prints is the fantastic We Are All WonderWomen! by the Satrun Sisters, twin animators living and working in Chicago with a background in hand drawn animation. Unveiled in 2013, it’s a collaborative mashup that Catherine and Sarah say was “heavily inspired by our amazing friends.”

The twin sisters have loved to draw ever since they were old enough to pick up crayons and both have built successful careers out of their passion and talent. Known as the “Sketchy Duo”, Catherine and Sarah collaborated on We Are All WonderWomen! as they were prepping for their first table at C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, which is where the now wildly popular print made its 2013 debut.

satrun sistersSarah described the work as aparody/smash-up” between Wonder Woman and “that [Real Beauty] Dove ad”, noting that their inspiration came from all their beautiful friends of different sizes and colors. Of the piece, Catherine wrote on her blog, “We are all women, we are all beautiful, and we are all wonderful!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

The We Are All WonderWomen! print is available in two sizes in Catherine and Sarah’s Etsy shop. And be sure to check out one of our other favorite collaborations by the Satrun Sisters, their Women In History poster series, which includes three illustrated posters each featuring a selection of inspirational women artists, scientists, writers, leaders and activists. It’s oh so WYSKy!