Today is World Nutella Day, a day of appreciation for the chocolaty hazelnut spread, celebrated by Nutella lovers everywhere. As self-proclaimed Nutella addicts, we know how passionate people are about this sinfully rich treat, including our Women You Should Know readers. Everyone seems to want to talk about it, confessing and professing their undying love for this delectable delight. In honor of World Nutella Day, here’s a taste of what you told us you know and love about Nutella… the good, the bad and the not so pretty.

WYSK Presents: The Nutella Diaries

My spoon’s simple dip
The warmth of my baguette, oh
Hazelnut goodness

Nutelladay.comI discovered Nutella a few years ago, when I bought it for my kids. My son, age 9, has still yet to try it (really?), and my daughter, almost 12, loves it as much as I do. However, she does NOT have the addictive personality that I do, so, one spoonful, once in awhile, is sufficient for her. This poses a huge problem when she asks, “Mom, where’s the Nutella?” do I lie, and say, “I have no idea!?”, or do I fess up and tell her, “I’m sorry, your mother cannot control herself around the most delicious form of chocolate hazelnut that ever was invented?” Well, it depends on my mood, but I have told her both. When I am dieting, which is most of the time, I try to keep the jar out sight in the cabinet. I’ve even gone as far to ask my daughter to hide it from me, but I FIND IT! And then the dreaded question, “Mom, did you find the Nutella and eat it?” Ok, I confess, “my name is Madeline, and I’m a Nutella-Aholic.” The problem is I don’t want to go for help.  I can’t give it up.  It’s dreamy. It’s creamy.  It’s chocolate.  It’s hazelnut. It’s just heaven on earth. MADELINE

Oh Nutella, my dark chocolate friend,
Your deep, sweet flavor never ends.

My love for you has no bounds,
There are no rules when my spoon comes around.

There is no need for a biscuit or toast,
Pure and simple is what I love most.

Oh Nutella, you stand so strong,
My addiction makes me weak, and it feels so wrong.

Oh Nutella, my dark chocolate friend,
Your deep, sweet flavor never ends. –SUE

So, I have a very special relationship with Nutella. Or really, my monthly cycle seems to have ties that bind with this magical, gooey, endorphin-raising substance. Yeah, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule that when PMS comes rolling in, I get cozy with my jar of Nutella, but not in a “normal” way. It starts out just as an idea, the idea of having a small spoonful of bliss, you know – to fulfill that need for chocolate, and yet to also include a “protein” (the nuts, if there really are any), so that it slightly resembles a healthy food. It usually takes place in the food pnutella-funnyantry, alone, just me, the nutella, and my spoon. The problem is, once this goo hits my tongue and starts its journey into my system, the need for MORE is immediately set off. I mean, it makes perfect sense, in a sort of scientific way. It does! Here’s why – This liquid bliss produces endorphins and endorphins are “endogenous morphine” and those (whatever they are) resemble opiates and, and, and…..opiates, addiction, more, more, more, no stopping, etc. This “little spoonful” idea flies out the window, and ultimately becomes a love fest of sorts. That is until sickness steps in to end the escapade. Oh wait, one more thing. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really extra PMS and daring, I allow a third party to join in, and that third party comes in the form of cookies. At that point, the spoon is disregarded and the cookies become the vehicle to shove this chocolaty mood enhancer into my face. Ultimately, it ends ugly – EVERY time…until the next month! TIMNA

Nutella Saves the Day! Having never been introduced to Nutella as a child I was unaware of the amazingness of Nutella until my French friend served my son Nutella for breakfast at a sleepover. He came home begging me to buy it. He is a picky eater so I was thrilled to add a food with protein to his diet. Reluctantly, I tried it as well and now I have to restrict his Nutella use because if I open the jar I am devouring my third spoon full before I can stop myself. Excellent on strawberries, bananas, pretzels, and spoons. –RACHEL

My boyfriend REALLY wanted cereal for breakfast one morning, but we were out of milk… I had just used the very last drop, so there was none left for him. Being the quick and creative thinker that he is, he decided to use nutella as the “milk” because it has milk in its ingredients list… I KID YOU NOT!!!

To get the “wet” effect, he sogged up the cereal first with a little bit of water and then stirred the Nutella in. COMPLETELY TRUE STORY… YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!! –JESSIE

Empty jar - Photo by Gav TatuI had to stop buying Nutella… not because I don’t love it, but because I was loving it just a bit too much. I COULD NOT walk past my pantry without reaching for the jar and snagging a spoonful. Moth to a flame kind of thing. It got to the point where I started making up reasons to have to go into the kitchen, JUST so I could pass the pantry and take a taste. “I think I left the stove on.”, “Wouldn’t cooking be so much more efficient if the spice jars were alphabetized? I should do that… right now.”, “Do you hear that? Is that the kitchen sink dripping?”, “I’m so thirsty… I’m going to get some water. Do you want anything?”.

When I unconsciously polished off almost an entire jar in the span of 2 days, I knew I had “a problem” (there are 10 servings in a jar… do the math). It was compounded when my husband went to get some and said, “Where’s the Nutella? Didn’t you just buy some the other day?” Mortified and not wanting to publicly own up to my INSANE gluttony I said, “Oh yeah… um…. the safety seal was broken so I returned it.” His obvious response, “Why didn’t they just give you a new one?” Me, “Um… they were all out.” I had to go cold turkey after that. LOL! –CATHY

Nutella open jarsA hint of hazelnut, and a burst of heaven
You hit my tongue and I am in a daze
Dense and smooth, you taste so good
You never fail to amaze

Too much, and you ail my health
Too little, and I crave for more
Oh, Nutella, what would I do without you?
Nutella, Nutella, you are the one I adore

I eat you by the spoonful
No crackers to dip, wash the decadence astray
You are so rich, so incredibly delicious
No need for anything to stand in your way

Dear Nutella, you are my obsession
I could eat you day and night and never tire
I wish I could have you in infinite supply
Nutella, Nutella, you are my only desire –ALISON

(first appeared on omgyummy)

More about World Nutella Day
First created in 2007 by WYSKs and Nutella superfans, Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio, World Nutella Day was a way to inspire others to seek out uncharted taste territory and come up with new, creative ways to enjoy and share this delectable delight. Seven years later, Sara and Michelle have accumulated hundreds of unique recipes from fans all over the world, making their site,, the #1 source of Nutella recipes on the web and resulting in the recent launch of their book, The Unofficial Guide to Nutella.