The world’s “Oldest Man,” Alexander Imich, passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 111. But, according to the International Business Times, “the ‘World’s Oldest Woman,’ Misao Okawa of Japan, is still alive and well at an impressive 116 years of age.”

Misao officially earned the Guinness World Records title of oldest living woman in 2013, and also became the world’s oldest living person later that same year when Jiroemon Kiruma, a Japanese man aged 116, passed away. The mother of three, grandma of four and great-granny of six attributes her long life to eating sushi, getting eight hours’ sleep a night and relaxing.

Amazingly, Misao isn’t the only supercentenarian (110 years of age or older) woman still walking the earth. There are 39 other females over the age of 100 around the globe as of May 2014.

Second behind Misao is 115 year old Emma Morano-Martinuzzi of Italy, born in 1899. The youngest of the inspiring group is Vincenza Balassone-Colucci, formerly of Italy and currently of New York, U.S. Born in 1903, she is now 111-years-old.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Kyodo