Back in June, we very proudly introduced you to British born actor/writer Angela Dee, the creative force behind Rack & Ruin, a binge-worthy web comedy series that made its streaming debut this summer on WYSKTV, the entertainment programming arm of Women You Should Know. Today, Huff Post Women aptly declared this very talented WYSK an Agent of Change, one of “5 Inspiring Women Worthy Of Your Attention Right Now.”

Journalist Greg Archer included Angela in his coverage of “five enterprising women who generate a powerful ripple effect and emerge as some of the finest agents of change this fall.” The other four women profiled are: actress Kathleen Turner; Maura Pfefferman (as played by Jeffrey Tambor in the new Amazon original series Transparent); Caeli Quinn, co-founder and executive director of Climate Ride; and Dyane Leshin-Harwood, a writer, mom and mental health advocate behind the blog, Birth of a New Brain.

Rack & Ruin, Dee’s hilarious effort to show the ugly business of being beautiful, is a true game changer because it puts women in the driver’s seat when it comes to comedy; it’s created & written by Angela, directed by Zetna Fuentes (“Pretty Little Liars”), and stars an all female ensemble cast including Markie Post (“Night Court”, “There’s Something About Mary”).

It’s one of the many reasons Angela is indeed worthy of your attention right now, as Archer’s piece points out. In it, he brilliantly sums up what we already know about her:

Not long ago, I reported that Rack & Ruin was among the handful of web series you really should be watching. Spearheaded by the plucky Brit, Angela Dee, it deliciously skewers the fashion industry and yet somehow manages to have us root for its befuddled protagonist (Dee) as her character attempts to fit in in a world that truly seems beyond her reach.

But let’s talk about Dee. What makes her an agent of change? Guts? Sure. Only strong-willed creatives out there can pull off launching such a well-produced endeavor with select resources. However, upon closer inspection, everything from the series’ writing to its execution is above par. Beyond that, Dee stands out for creating a memorable comedy and a character that reminds us of something vital — that unless our interior world is well dressed, the external one looks and feels positively drab. And that … is no easy feat.

We’re so thrilled that Angela received such well deserved recognition from Huff Post Women. While Archer calls her an Agent of Change, to us Angela Dee will forever be a Woman You Should Know.

Don’t miss out on the wild roller coast ride she has created.

Watch all 5 Rack & Ruin minisodes here.