Social media hashtags are “hijacked” from their intended use all the time. Sometimes cleverly. Sometimes poorly. Sometimes for good. Sometimes for bad.

Case in point, over the last 48 hours, countless parodies have popped up (here and here) using #BreakTheInternet, a hashtag that was originally created for the release of a certain revealing Paper Magazine cover. Gaby, a military wife and founder of the Homefront Girl™ brand, jumped on the bandwagon too, taking the trending hashtag in a totally different direction.

Using a powerful meme that was created by The Unknowns, a documentary film about the training that Tomb Guards have to go through to earn the right to guard America’s most sacred shrine, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we think what she tweeted is the most inspired use of the #BreakTheInternet hashtag circulating on the interweb.