Kristi McCormick founded MATCHBOOK Company in 2009 as a consulting firm on talent buying and negotiations for major industry advertisers. Her company advises advertisers on talent partnerships and collaborations for PR, advertising and marketing based initiatives. The firm also consults with established designers on how to integrate and build their brands in the competitive marketplace. MATCHBOOK has been featured in BRANDWEEKPR WEEKFINANCIAL and FORTUNE.COM.

Matchbook Company LogoAs the head of MATCHBOOK, Kristi consults on talent buying and negotiations for advertisers including Revlon, L’Oreal, Tropicana, Crest, Krups, John Frieda, B&G Foods (Cream of Wheat, Ortega, Polaner), Donna Karan, Bloomingdales and Carolee.  The company also handles talent casting and negotiations for notable non-profits including (Bono’s charity), The 9/11 Foundation and the Women’s Legal Network.

Kristi leads MATCHBOOK with 15+ years of expertise in casting, talent management, marketing and advertising. Over the course of her impressive career, she has represented and negotiated talent-based programs with retailers including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Barneys New York, Banana Republic, Perry Ellis and Uniqlo.

Lucky May 2004 CoverBefore founding MATCHBOOK, Kristi was partner at an integrated marketing communications agency, Starworks. Prior to that, she was the Bookings Editor for LUCKY magazine. In addition to having a regular online fashion column, she booked all the models and celebrities for the inside pages and covers of LUCKY each month. LUCKY, launched in 2000, is the fastest growing magazine in Conde Nast history, to date, and was named Magazine of the Year by Advertising Age in 2003.

In 1998, Kristi was a marketing manager for high profile celebrities and athletes for commercial endorsements at Wilhelmina Models. Her clients included Beyonce Knowles/Destiny’s Child, Brandy, NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury, NFL star and TV host Dhani Jones, and Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Torres. She also managed over 10 national model search promotions for the agency, producing over 50 retail events around the country and securing sponsorships with More, Essence and Latina magazines, as well as with Kodak and Radio Disney.

In 1996, Kristi began her career in the fashion industry at NEXT Model Management, producing one of the largest model search competitions in history with Express clothing and Omega watches. To date, the winners of this search are still working in the business.

Kristi_Brent_KidsKristi graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

She sits on the PR Committee for Advertising Women of New York and resides in New York City with her husband and triplet daughters.

This Woman You Should Know has truly mastered the art of successfully balancing work, life and family, proving that you can have it all.

What Else She Shared… More With Kristi McCormick

WYSK: What is the most interesting item in your handbag right now?

KM: It’s a few things… and its chargers. I probably have four chargers in my bag at any given time. So, if somebody opened up my bag, especially like someone from the TSA, they would think I have explosives in there based on all the wires (laughter).

WYSK: What gadget or technology can you not live without to do what you do?

KM: My go to gadget is still my blackberry… my OLD SCHOOL, 2007 blackberry. I like the tactile type of the keypad and I like being able to have conversations while walking anywhere, even though it’s terrible and I shouldn’t do it. But, I don’t do it in the car.

WYSK: What is the last book you read?

KM: I’m in the middle of Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants. I read about how funny the book is and how appropriate it is to women… working women and mothers. I’m not done with it yet, but kudos to Tina for the power of the woman in the book.

WYSK: What is your biggest pet peeve?

KM: Tardiness. I live in the world of entertainment when a 7 o’clock meeting really means 9 o’clock and that is a big pet peeve of mine. So, for anyone who works with me… please show up on time (laughter).

WYSK: What is your favorite indulgence?

KM: A manicure. I don’t make time for it anymore, but when I do it’s an indulgence now, sadly. It used to be a necessity, but now as a mother it’s a treat.