Speakers Whose Words Are As Real As Their Actions Are Bold

For nearly a decade, Women You Should Know® (WYSK®) has provided a pioneering platform that amplifies women’s voices, spotlights their stories, and celebrates their achievements.

As drivers of important conversations led by and about women we are recognized as a diverse and inclusive resource of women-powered inspiration, perspective, education and support.

Our WYSK VOICES division is an agency of impact that connects women everyone should know with organizations, companies and event planners and hosts who want innovative speakers whose words are as real as their actions are bold.

Our speakers include storytellers who inspire and motivate, innovators who strive and build, changemakers who disrupt and defy, warriors who fight for equality, and heroes who choose to challenge.

They are women from different professional and life backgrounds who can serve as keynote and break-out session speakers and/or panel moderators. Through the compelling talks they deliver, and the engaging conversations they lead they make direct connections to a client’s event theme and audience.

For clients who need event support, WYSK VOICES curates and produces women-powered panels and discussions. We can also strategize and timecode a Run Of Show like nobody’s business. This work is in our WYSKy DNA.

Get To Know Our WYSK VOICES Speakers

Judaline Cassidy – Feminist Plumber, Founder/Chief Visionary Officer of Tools & Tiaras Inc., Tradeswomen Activist, Speaker

Judaline Cassidy

Judaline Cassidy, who hails from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, is a woman everyone should know and one of CNN’s 2020 ‘Champions For Change’. Having experienced, first-hand, the challenges and injustices women working in male-dominated fields face, Judaline has devoted her life and work to being a force of change. By day, she’s a history-making plumber in NYC, where she’s mastered her trade over the last two decades, while fighting for equality in the construction industry. She dedicates every other waking second to her trademarked “Jobs Don’t Have Genders” activism, and to Tools & Tiaras Inc., the pioneering nonprofit she founded in 2017. Through hands-on, mentoring workshops and summer camps led by tradeswomen leaders, her organization introduces girls and young women to skilled trades jobs like electrician, carpenter, plumber, and auto mechanic. Girls gain awareness of these rewarding and lucrative career options, along with invaluable life-skills. Ultimately, Judaline is empowering girls with the grit, moxie, and self-confidence needed to succeed in whatever professional path they choose. A powerhouse role model, captivating speaker, founder of Lean In: Women In Trades, and the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, Judaline’s ability to inspire crosses generations and genders, and the impact she makes extends to her industry and beyond. Follow Judaline on her IG and Twitter.

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Cynthia Pong – NYU-trained Lawyer Turned Award-Winning Career Strategist For Women Of Color, Author, Speaker

voices cynthia pong

Cynthia Pong, JD, is an award-winning career strategist, speaker, and author of Don’t Stay in Your Lane: The Career Change Guide for Women of Color. An NYU-trained lawyer turned feminist career coach, she’s on a mission to get women of color the money, power, and respect that they deserve. Her career advice has been featured in HuffPost, CNBC, Fast Company, Refinery29, NPR, and more, and she is a LinkedIn Top Voice for Job Search and Career. Cynthia specializes in strategizing with mid-career women of color professionals who are pursuing unconventional paths. Her coaching focuses on emboldening her clients, sharpening their negotiation skills, and building their business acumen. She is frequently sought out to provide highly relevant, super applicable, easy-to-understand career advice specifically for women of color. Cynthia’s clients are breaking down barriers in a variety of fields and industries, including: medicine, public health, the arts, social work, sustainability, and the trades. She is a proud introvert, a classic middle child, and an unapologetic Rottweiler enthusiast. Follow Cynthia on her IG and Twitter.

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Ellen Leikind – Creator of PokerDivas, Entrepreneur, Corporate Innovator, Author

voices Ellen Leikind

Ellen Leikind is an entrepreneur, corporate innovator, published author, and creator of PokerDivas. Her mission: to show how the strategies of poker can be applied to winning the corporate game. A senior marketing executive who launched over a billion dollars in health and beauty products, Ellen was intrigued when poker began to rival golf as a form of corporate networking and she saw the strong parallels among the strategies of poker, business, and life itself. In 2006, Ellen made it her business, literally, to teach women how to win in life and in business using the principles of Poker… even if you have never played the game. She founded PokerDivas, a company that provides corporate teambuilding, leadership and diversity programs. The proprietary program she developed is not about gambling and requires zero poker experience. The goal is to give women the confidence and tools to make bold moves, be a leader, read people, become a better negotiator, assert themselves, deal with a bully, and play to win as opposed to avoid losing. Ellen is the author of POKERWOMAN: How to Win at Love, Life, and Business using the Principles of Poker. She has written on gender issues in business for Parade.com and has been featured on CNBC, Forbes,com, Newsday, and Success magazine. Ellen has worked at several Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer and L’Oreal; and was an Executive Consultant for the Direct Response infomercial industry. She has an MBA in marketing from Fordham University, a certificate from Cornell University in Diversity and Inclusion and is a native New Yorker and avid dog lover. Follow Ellen on her IG and Twitter.

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