2013 is coming to a close and what a year it has been for Women You Should Know. In addition to the countless, extraordinary women we have had the privilege to profile, there have been so many memorable moments and happenings that made the last 365 days truly unforgettable.

The WYSKy highlights: we published the youngest writer (8 years old) to ever contribute to our site; we made national news with our non-partisan petition demanding a public apology from Vice President Joe Biden; we strengthened our commitment to celebrating women role models in STEM with our Tech Tuesday column; our co-founders were named “Wonder Women”; we launched our exclusive Fix-It Friday column with home improvement pro Norma “Toolbelt Diva” Vally; we joined the Braves Girls Alliance and helped them take over Times Square; one of our own spent an unforgettable evening with Malala Yousafzai; and it was the year Women You Should Know went viral!

But it was the stories we told and the news we reported that made 2013 such an incredibly exciting editorial year. Have a look!

WYSK’s Top Ten Most Read Stories Of 2013

10. The Finding 40 Project: What 40 Looks Like And Means To Women Around The World

9. Real Men Take On Underwear Ads

8. Women’s Bathroom Sign Makeover

7. Proud Dad Of Two Geek Girls Talks Superheroes, Disney Princesses, And Barbie

6. Swedish Artist Draws Disney Princesses In The Fashion Of Their Films’ Times

5. New UN Women Ad Campaign Uses Google To Make A Point

4. Mom Makes Her Baby’s Dreams Come To Life In Series Of Magical Photos

3. Sex Sells: Disney’s Misguided Redesign Of Merida From “Brave”

2. BREAKING NEWS: Artist David Trumble Renames His “Holocaust Princess” Cartoon

and the number one Women You Should Know story of 2013 is…

1. To Flatten A Heroine: Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter On 10 Real Life Female Role Models

Trumble Princesses

Year End Bonus: WYSK Stories That Live On

And these are the three WYSK stories from previous years that remained top reads in 2013:

3. Are You Braver Than A 12 Year Old? Probably Not This One. (2012)

2. Kitchen Throw Down: White Ice Vs. Stainless Steel (2012)

1. Pit Stop: A Quick History Of Women & Shaving (2011)

2013 top 3 previous year post montage