Well this is awesome… BBC just announced that a new drama about the beloved Brontë sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Anne) is being brought to television.

To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters, is an original film written and directed by award-winning television writer and playwright Sally Wainwright, who is known for her work on the BBC dramas Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax.

It has been said that the Brontë sisters remain one of the greatest mysteries of the literary world. Their personal stories were fraught with tragedy and controversy, but they rose above it all to create some of the most enduring classics of all time.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie from BBC:

The drama revolves around the three sisters’ increasingly difficult relationship with their brother Branwell, who in the last three years of his life – following a tragically misguided love affair – sank into alcoholism, drug addiction and appalling behaviour. Life at home with the Brontës at this time was not a comfortable place to be, and yet from this environment sprang their remarkable literary output.

“To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters” explores the siblings’ relationship not only with one another, but with their father, a clever and unusual man, who grew up in an impoverished home in rural Ireland, who educated himself, and who was happy to encourage his children – irrespective of their sex – to become passionate about literature and its possibilities.

BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore adds, “It’s an extraordinary tale of family tragedy and their passion and determination, against the odds, to have their genius recognised in a male 19th century world.”

Casting and an air-date have not yet been announced. We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Stay tuned for updates.

About the lead image: The painting known as the Pillar Portrait was painted by Branwell in 1835. It is named for the ‘pillar’ in the background, which is where Branwell’s figure originally stood and seems to reappear. The order of the figures then is Anne, Emily, (Branwell) and Charlotte. This image is of the restored painting. Source: Wuthering Heights