Knitting and crochet have evolved way beyond grandma’s classic and lovingly-made afghan blanket to become one the hottest trends in modern art. In her film YARN, director Una Lorenzen introduces us to the women artists who are changing perceptions and redefining these traditional crafts by “bringing yarn out of the house and into the world.”

Starting in Iceland, YARN takes us on a colorful and global journey following artists from Iceland to Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Cuba, New York City, and beyond. Featured in the documentary are world-renowned crochet artist Olek, fiber artist and Net Play Works founder Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, Cirkus Cirkör Director Tilde Björfors, Icelandic yarn graffiti artist Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar, and famed poet and novelist Barbara Kingsolver, who serves as a narrator in the film.

“We hope it will inspire those that have no connection to yarn, to inspire those that use yarn to explore more possibilities and to engage those that want to learn a little more about the medium and how it can be more than just that woolly jumper you have at home,” says Una.

YARN premiered at SXSW early this year, and is currently showing across the country. To find a screening near you visit