Yesterday, September 9, the 9th day of the 9th month, at 9:09am, on the occasion of the International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day, the EUFASD (European FASD Alliance) launched #TooYoungToDrink, a provocative, international campaign designed to raise awareness of the risks of FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders).

FASD is the term given to the range of damage caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. The damage ranges from birth defects to neurological damage. The child may suffer from learning disorders and behavioral problems such as hyperactivity.

As reported in a Design Boom piece on the campaign, “Studies in the United States reveal that about 1% of children are affected by FASD; in Europe show at least 2%; even higher numbers are evident in parts in South Africa.”

“As the adoptive mother of three children with FASD, I see the daily struggles they face in school and in their social relations. I am working to prevent this ever happening to another child.” – Diane Black, Chair of the European FASD Alliance

Fabrica, the agency that created the campaign, took photos of a real baby in their studio, and then did all the post-production work of placing the baby’s images inside the bottles of traditional spirits from different countries: beer, rum, champagne, wine, whiskey, and vodka.

Erik Ravelo who handles Social Engagement Campaigns at Fabrica said, “We have worked with the eternal concept of the unborn child who, instead of being in the belly, is immersed in alcohol.”

Powerful stuff.