In 2011, with a passion to see the world, Jin got on her bicycle and has been on the road ever since. When she first started pedaling her way out of San Francisco, she never imagined where the journey would take her. Today, more than 5 years later, Jin has visited more than 60 countries and covered almost 40,000 miles.

Before going off to school to study astronomy and explore the universe, she decided to “start with my own planet first. This trip is my first step toward my real dream of space travel.”

And even though she had very little experience with bicycling, Jin chose to ride because “a car is too fast and walking is too slow. Bicycle touring is the perfect way to see the world.”

Jin has been documenting her travels on her blog Cycling Around the World where she shares a map of her route, spectacular photos, videos and written posts about her adventures, including her spending budget (she worked and saved for a couple of years so she could do the trip), information on securing visa’s and other helpful tips for those who may want to do a similar trip.

Cycle the world map

The journey hasn’t been easy. After crying in her tent on the very first night, questioning her plan, Jin decided to give it at least a month. One month turned into another, and after spending nearly a year and a half traveling in North and South America, she just keep going. Jin flew to Africa, and spent another year traveling around the continent, and then went off to Europe. She’s currently in Asia, making her way back home to South Korea.

Despite the challenges she’s experienced along the way, including sexual harassment and five fairly significant accidents, Jin has enjoyed meeting, talking, and listening to people. “I think every person has their own philosophy. I want to learn from others… I want to grow and be a better person.”

You can follow Jin’s adventure on Instagram, and check out this great compilation video she made when she hit 60,000km (37,282 miles)…