Have you ever gone for a bra fitting? If yes, then you know how unpleasant the unscientific, room-for-error process can be, especially based on whose cold hands are having at you with a measuring tape. If no, then you are in the majority since 80% of us are wearing the wrong size. So it seems you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But what if you could find your perfect bra in 2 minutes online… no fluorescent lights, no fitting room, no sea of elastic straps on plastic hangers to wrestle with and more importantly, no measuring tape? The path to this Bra Shopping Promised Land is being paved by True&Co, a new online boutique and digital bra-fitting wonderland, co-founded by San Francisco entrepreneurs Aarthi Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam.

After years of bad bra fitting and meeting women like themselves who dislike in-store bra shopping, Aarthi and Michelle sat down to design the most comfortable and fun way they could think of to shop for bras. They also spoke to experts and found that the best fitters didn’t use a measuring tape. Rather, they had these unwritten rules where they could just look at a woman’s body and say, we think this would be best. Aarthi, the self-proclaimed techie, and Michelle, the e-commerce expert, were able to take these rules and distill them into computer code, which is the foundation of their proprietary “True” bra fit and style algorithm.

True&Co Quiz ImageHow does it all work?

  1. First you take a simple, 2 minute online quiz, designed to help True&Co understand what works and doesn’t work well for you with the bras you wear today.
  2. The True&Co algorithm then spits back the bra styles and sizes that have a good chance of fitting you – your “True” bra styles – and displays them in your own personal, digital bra shop.
  3. From the various options you are shown, you get to pick any 3 bras and they make another 2 “expert” picks for you. That’s a total of 5 styles that True&Co will send you to try on in the comfort of your own home.

Out of the 5 bras you receive, just keep the ones you like. They’ll only charge you for the items that you keep and there is free shipping both ways, so there really are no strings attached.

Bras from True&Co. Site


All bras available on the site, which True&Co describes as “the best bra styles handpicked from Calvin Klein, Natori and international boutique brands”, are $45.

One of our WYSK founders, who loathes bra shopping, just took the True&Co “Get Started” quiz, so she’s apparently on her way to finding her perfect bra. We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Did You Know?

The True&Co site explains why most of us are walking around spilling out, being flattened like a pancake, sagging or bagging… your bra size (as in band and cup), whether large-and-in-charge, small and demure or somewhere in between, is not universal across brands, based simply on a bra’s complex construction. “Bras are composed of over 20 different pieces. Each designer decides how these pieces fit together based on 3 to 4 fittings done on a fit model, whose measurements are intended to represent the designer’s idea of the perfect woman. Therefore, with different designers using different fit models, and the added complexity of different countries producing their versions of a B cup, it’s never a one size fits all.” Who knew? These ladies obviously did and stand by the fact that their True&Co’s algorithm solves this problem by “translating” size between the different brands.

True&Co debuted last Wednesday at a tech conference in California, having already raised $2 million in seed funding from top-tier venture capital firms and angels from both coasts. Good luck ladies!