Some of the most memorable moments of the Women’s March include images of young girls taking up space, using their voices and standing up for what they believe in. It gave us real hope for the future.

But what now? How do we keep these young warriors engaged and support their budding activism?

This week Spark Movement, New Moon Girls and Wee The People brought their expertise in youth activism together to create a free downloadable toolkit and slide show, offering inexpensive, simple and creative ways to support the powerful “Young Voices for Justice” of children age 13 and under.

“The change we want to see happens first in our homes, on our playgrounds, in school hallways, in our neighborhoods and communities,” Lyn and Dana from Spark Movement explain.“The best thing we can do for our children is affirm their power, encourage their voices, and help them recognize and call out injustice.”

There are ten different activities to choose from including, postcard protests, card-making marathon to support Muslim community neighbors, Imagine Being Elected role play and post-it protests. There’s also a list of recommended resources for parents and teachers interested in building children’s activism.

“Each action is designed to encourage children to rise up, speak up, fight the good fight, imagine a better world and dare to believe in themselves as powerful enough to bring that world into being.”

Download this free toolkit HERE

Lead image taken at Women’s March NYC, courtesy of Rachel Schultz.